Worm Puff Freeze Dried Candy

Worm Puff Freeze Dried Candy

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Wily, wiggly, and wild!

Looking for something a little wiggly in your life? Let these little wormy boogers brighten up your day as they slither down your throat, leaving an oozing trail of fruity goodness from tongue to tummy!

We take the Very best mini gummy worms and we stick them in our fancy space food making machines And come up with something amazing! Now you can enjoy all the best parts of these jiggly delights without having to chew them. Take that, fear factor!

Puffy, slightly crunchy, melted in your mouth version of gummy worms. Like a fruity cheesy puffs, soft cellular crunch that melts Away in seconds! Won’t stick to dental work. No more sore jaws or broken teeth.